Early Voting sets record!

Early Voting sets record!

WOW! Early Voting in the City of Shoreacres has ended and we set an all-time record! We need to continue that momentum on Election Day. I hope that you can make it to City Hall to vote on Saturday, May 6th!

Our goal when we started this campaign was to have the highest voter participation rate in the history of the city.  Why is it important to have a large turnout for this election? In a word, direction. A large voter turnout will send a message to whomever wins the election. And to those that do not. It will provide clarity going forward.

I want to return to days when the biggest controversy in the city was over who won the annual BBQ cookoff or if that fish caught off the pier was really as big as claimed. And to the days when we focused on building the community, not dividing it. I hope that the vast majority of voters agree with me.

We need your vote!

Election Day

Saturday, May 6th

7:00 am – 7:00 pm

City Hall


About The Author

David Jennings
David Jennings has been a resident of Shoreacres since 2001 when he moved here from La Porte with his wife Terri and two daughters. He was elected to serve on the Shoreacres City Council in 2015.


If you are a Shoreacres resident and have any questions or need any help that a member of council might be able to provide, let me know. I will do my best to answer your question or to help you with your issue.


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